Chapter 8 - Eren


At first he did not answer her. 

“What do you want?” she repeated. There was no fear, no intimidation in her voice. Their eyes met and Eren was struck by the hint of hazel in her green pupils—even the darkness of the prison could not wipe the glimmer of light out of them. He sighed profoundly. The Word of Light is cruel, he thought. To give such rebellious beauty to a witch—what was the Light thinking? If she was a normal woman, he would have smiled kindly and asked the guards to release her. But not a witch. He broke eye contact and glanced at the broken cell door. 

“I want to keep you imprisoned,” Eren said. 

He heard her take a sharp breath. The corners of her lips twitched with violent emotion—panic, indignation, anger? Eren wondered what she was thinking, what she would try to do. 

If he could predict her thoughts, then he could predict what she would do. And if he can do that, he could always stay two steps ahead of her. Enough to keep her locked up. Enough to keep Kolin safe. 

“I will not die here,” Sable said, her voice a quivering whisper. She shook head. “I will not die here.” 

Eren turned his back on her. He had heard enough. He was sure that she was intent on breaking out. Her will had not been broken. 

“Who here is the second in command?” he asked. 

One of the guards stepped forward. 

“Yessir, what is the matter?” 

“Come with me.” Eren motioned towards the door. “There is something we need to discuss.” 

The man wanted to ask what, but the edge in Eren’s voice made him think otherwise. 

They stepped out of the corridor, up the stairs and closed the doors. 

The guards in the prison corridor breathed out a sigh of relief. They had kept their jobs. 


*  *  *


“What in the name of Light happened?” Eren demanded. 

As soon as they had stepped into Eren’s office, before the door had even closed, he began to yell. 


“What happened down there? How could any of you be so careless?” 

The guard answered with silence. It was his first time receiving such an admonition; Officer Reinhard always had a hands-off approach and considered a dead witch a better result than an escaped witch. Not Eren Galloway. 

Eren continued. “All of the witches were wearing gransia handcuffs, yes?” 


“And all of the handcuffs are made out of genuine gransia?” 


“Then how did that explosion happen?”

“I - I don’t know.” 

Eren took a deep breath and closed eyes. He mumbled: “I don’t know...I don’t know...You don’t know, hmm?” 

The guard did not dare to breathe. But there was one thing that he had to say, one thing he knew was true for all of the guards. 

“Sir, I am no coward, but I must say this: we are all afraid of witches. A single cell door is what separates us from them. And you know what witches will do to human men. They will— “ 

Eren opened his eyes. “I have an idea.” 

He  grabbed a quill and a piece of parchment and began to write. Ten minutes later, he had finished.

“Deep down, I am also afraid of witches,” Eren said, and his expression softened. “I have seen what they are capable of doing, what they are really like when the gransia handcuffs are off. I lost my entire family and village to witches.” 

Before the guard could say anything, Eren handed him the parchment. 

“But right now, I’m not afraid of witches because there is something else that I fear far more.”


“Things are going to change around here. We are going to make sure that it will be impossible for even one more witch to escape her cell. Pass this order around to the guards. We will begin to implement the changes immediately.” 

“Yes, sir. Understood.” 

“And one more thing...“ 


“That witch with the green eyes and blonde hair...I will take care of her myself.” 




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