Chapter 9 - Sable


Worry sloshed in her stomach. Hopelessness rose with every breath she took. 

“I want to keep you imprisoned.” Those were the words that he said to her and her only. He could have spoken to any other witch, but he spoke to her.

Why? Sable’s mind reeled, but she could not think of a proper explanation. She did not recognize him; she had met many men before she found herself in this prison and enjoyed a brief sprite of passion with a handful, but he was not one of them. She was sure that she would have remembered his blue eyes and tousled shoulder length hair. 

But if he was not a scorned former lover, then why did he have his eyes on her? And even she did not know the reason, Sable was sure that any kind of special attention would make it harder for her to escape. 

Within the next day, the changes implemented by Senior Officer Eren Galloway were felt throughout the prison. 

Every guard began to wear a cloth that covered half their face. In the illumination of the torchlight, it became impossible for Sable to tell who the guards were; they became anonymous and simple suits of armor. 

Then the next day, Sable found that all the information she had gathered was rendered useless. 

Mealtimes were randomized. Sometimes food didn’t come at all for an entire day and Sable starved, and sometimes breakfast, lunch and dinner were served at the same time. Guard shifts were changed as well; out of the ten guards, five would get switched out at random intervals, leaving five old ones and five new ones. 

All of this made it impossible for Sable to track the time. There was no pattern for her to keep track of. Everything was random. 

Sable was sick with despair. It filled every bite she ate, every beat of her heart hurt, her eyes a blank canvas of defeat. 

What to do? What to do? What to do?

She hugged herself with her back turned to the watchful eyes of the guards. Her body shook and she sobbed violently. Her eyes were shut tightly and her fists balled fiercely. Bitter tears streaked her cheeks, dripping to the stone floor. 

It had been weeks —how many Sable did not know, she had lost track of all time—since she had talked to anyone. Her sole comfort was the whispers of the guards, but even that was gone now. 

“Attention!” Eren Galloway’s voice ricocheted through the corridor. Sable wiped her tears away, took a deep breath and rearranged the lines on her face; even in her darkest moment, no—because it was her darkest moment, she was determined not to show weakness; she would not show that she had lost all hope. That thought lit a flame of defiance in her. 

She heard his footsteps in the corridor, an order being given, the rattle of keys. And then—the creaking sound of a cell door being opened. 

Sable listened closely. 

“Lift her up,” Eren’s voice sounded. No movement. “Lift her up!” he repeated, this time with threat in his voice. 

Rustling sounds of clothes. A weak moan. The sound of a body being dragged across the floor—towards her. 

Eren Galloway appeared before her cell. His eyes examined her, cold and unfeeling. Sable stepped forward. She said nothing; there was no need for words for both of them to know how they felt about each other. 

“Step back, witch,” Officer Galloway said. 

Sable did not move. 

He drew his sword and slid it through the cell door. It narrowly missed Sable. “Step back.” 

Sable retreated. 

“Open the door,” Eren ordered. 

The guards’ breathing was shallow and rapid. Their hands shook with fear as they dragged the body into Sable’s cell. As soon as they had dropped the body, they darted out of the cell as though the devil were chasing them. 

Clink. The door closed.

Sable’s gaze traveled from Eren down to the body on the floor. It was a young woman. Her hair was dark blue and her frame so thin and sickly that a gust of wind could push her down. 

What? Sable did not understand. Why would this callous man want to group witches together? 

Eren cleared his throat and announced: “If any witch is caught trying to break out, BOTH  witches in the cell will be executed.” 

Sable’s heart sank. 




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