Chapter 1 - Sable 


SABLE never thought that she would one day be in prison, and that is why she never prepared to break out of one. 

She opened her eyes and all she saw was darkness. Beneath her she felt the cold stone floor and after her eyes had adjusted, she saw that the walls were the same as the floor—hard and without cracks. 

Where am I?

Just thinking hurt. Her head throbbed and her mind reeled. She glanced left and right; no windows, no doors. She turned towards the source of light that allowed her to see—a torch hanging off the wall. Between her and the torch was a prison cell door. 

Sable got up. Her muscles ached and her joints groaned, but she stood anyway. “Hello?” she called out, but her voice came out as a croaking whisper. Her throat was a dry as a desert. 

She swallowed. She tried again. “Hello?”

Her voice bounced off the walls, ricocheting down what sounded like an infinite corridor. Silence answered her. 

She goes up to the cell door and put her hands on the bars. She glanced left and right; a corridor made out of the same stone material stretched endlessly into the darkness. 

Something on her hands rattles. What the— 

Her wrists had been bound together by chains, allowing her arms to move only a few inches from each other. With whatever strength she had, Sable struggled, pulled and ripped, but the chains did not break despite how rusty they were.

No matter, she thought. I will simply use my magic and then—

Something was wrong. Magic flowed in her veins, the power was one with her blood, and summoning had always been as natural as breathing.  But her magic would not come. Instead, the handcuffs pulsed and a sharp pain cut into her arm. 

Sable drew a sharp breath and suppressed her magic. These handcuffs—these things weren’t normal. 

“Is anyone there?” 

Her voice echoed down stone corridor again. The callous silence of the stones were her only comfort.

Anyone? Blood pounded in her ears, her heart galloped with panic. No one? How could this be? This was clearly a prison. Someone—or something—must have brought her here. 

“Anyone?” Her voice had returned to a whisper. 

She closed her eyes and tried to think, tried to remember, but her mind was as dark as the cell she was in. Nothing would come to her. 

She sunk to the ground. Her legs felt weak and her stomach stirred with hunger and desolation. She shivered and pulled her knees to her chest and hugged herself. She wore only a white dress that reached to her knees and a black hooded cloak around her shoulders. 

She had always been used to a hard life, but never had her circumstances been this dire. The corners of her lips curled with self-pity and bitter anger, and she cried quietly, as though she was trying to hide her tears from the eyes of the world. 

Sounds of footsteps traveled down the corridor. 

Sable froze. What was that? 

The footsteps approached her cell. 

Sable’s heart rose. Someone—at last! 

The guard stopped before her cell—or was he a knight? Sable could not tell. He wore leather chest armor and chain mail leggings. Most of his face was hidden behind a steel helmet that covered his nose and mouth. Sable’s eyes met his and she shrank back; there was such hot belligerence in his gaze that for a moment, she dared not speak. 

“Where am I?” she asked after hesitating. 

No answer. 

“Who are you?”


“What charges are held against me?” 


Desperation washed across her again. It couldn’t be that this man was sent to just watch her die in this miserable hole? 

She gritted her teeth and her in bitter anguish formed a spark of fiery vexation. She stood and reached out from between the bars. “I need water.” 

The guard jumped back and drew his sword. “Get away from me! Witch! Monster!” 

Shocked, Sable withdrew her hand. He had almost cut off her fingers. 

Sable said no more and sat down again. She buried her face in her arms and by the time she raised her head again, her green eyes carried the gaze of a woman who had made up her mind. 

I have to break out. 



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